Roxy's Red Light Consignments

General Consignment Agreement Terms

To Consign at Roxy’s Red Light Consignments you’ll be required to agree to our General Purpose Consignment Agreement. We’ll need your phone number and address when signing the agreement. Below are the details you will find in the agreement when we Consign your items.

1) Consignor’s goods are described on the agreement, which shall remain on the property of Roxy’s Red Light Consignments until such time as they are sold.

2) Roxy operates a retail store at 29125 State Highway 34 in Detroit Lakes and agrees to make her best effort to sell consigned goods.

3) Roxy agrees to return to consignor, upon demand, any unsold merchandise. The goods must be returned in the same or similar condition, unless that is impossible to do so due to shopper damage, or theft.

4) Roxy at her own discretion, may opt to return unsold goods to Consignor at any time.

5) Roxy agrees to sell the goods at the following price points with markdowns allowed: Item gets discounted 20% after 30 days and another 20% after 60 days of being on the floor. Item is pulled from the floor after 90 days and consignor is notified either by phone, text or email. Consignor must pick up the item within 15 days of being notified or the item becomes the property of Roxy’s Red Light Consignments.

6) Roxy agrees that all proceeds due, minus 30% commission on household items and furniture, and 40% on clothing, bags, belts, and shoes, will be available to Consignor within 30 business days of sale. Proceeds available will be mailed to Consignor within 30 days.

7) Roxy is not responsible for goods that are lost, stolen or damaged while in the store.

8) This agreement can be terminated by either Consignor or Roxy at any time. Consignor will be notified of termination and instruction to obtain goods.

Roxy’s Red Light Consignments is open seasonal: May – November

Please limit items to 25 per visit & all items must be clean & in good shape! Thank You!

Checks payable to consignors on the 20th of the month.